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Responsive Websites

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Mobile-Optimized Websites

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Interactive Websites

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Beautifully Designed Websites

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High Converting Websites


Results-Driven Websites from Real Professionals

The old design and development trends make your website look out-dated and do not provide the functionality needed to convert visitors into paying customers. If you still have the same stale and dated website, then it may be time to build a new website with a fresh new design, incredible functionality, and seamless integrations that work for your business. As you continue to use the same old website that lacks the necessary functions and designs, your business will suffer from low conversion rates which means you are leaving money on the table.

Since Eraslan Media has been founded, we have been the leader in website development, design, and optimization. We know exactly what you need to take your business to the next level and help you succeed online. We build beautiful websites that appeal directly to your consumers and target market, convert visitors into paying customers, and are designed to make your company’s online presence look modern, professional, and sleek.




Through our experience analyzing and creating websites, the Eraslan Media team knows exactly what you need to optimize your website design, development, and functionality. We will analyze your current website for usability, overall performance, and conversion rates to develop concise recommendations that will impact the amount of traffic that visit your website and what the visitors do when they are on your site. We are experts in website analytics, which allows us to show and prove the ROI of the website development services that we offer which helps you see the performance of every page and overall website performance.

We’ll help you with:

✓ Conversion optimization

✓ Content recommendations

✓ Landing-page optimization & re-design

✓ Search engine optimization




We make sure to keep you ahead of the trends so that your website never stays dated. We stay ahead of new trends to bring you attractive web design, whether your existing site just needs a facelift or you need to build from scratch a functional, mobile-responsive site that fits your brand. We’ll help you breathe new life into your online presence and give your customers an experience that draws them in and keeps them coming back.

Our design process follows several core principals:

  • Rapid and reliable site development is best ✓

  • Create sleek, clean designs customized to individual brands ✓

  • Mobile-responsive sites should work on multiple devices ✓

  • Usability and beauty should work together seamlessly ✓

  • Consumer-centric navigation and work-flow ✓


Eraslan Media Web Design Services: Our Process

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Learn your business and design preferences

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Develop a rough draft of your website

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Complete 1-3 rounds of revisions

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Launch the live version of your website

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Continued support and maintain the website


Our Website Development Services helps grow businesses like yours by:


Creating a website experience that your clients will love:

94% of buyers view website design as the sole reason for whether or not they trust a business. In the event that your visitors don't confide in you, they won't work with you. We develop websites that increase your brand’s credibility and stand out from the competition using the newest technology and latest digital trends.

Making sure your website is responsive and easy-to-navigate:

A majority of your customers spend their time on mobile devices. Your website needs to be functional and adaptable to any device regardless of the size whether it be desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Make sure your content, typography, and design is suited for the different devices, and if it isn’t it might be time for a change.

Delivering an amazing user-experience:

Your website design is important, but so is the user-experience. Your website should be easy to navigate through and allow your visitors to easily find what they want. We make sure that visitors who browse your website find what they need and stay on your website. By decreasing your bounce rate, you will convert visitors into paying customers. We develop your website to work for your business and increase your customers and company revenue.


See some of the websites we have developed for our customers.

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We’ve have 25+ years of collective experience in digital services.

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