Discussion is key to any type of marketing work that you would like to execute on. With our knowledge and expertise we sit down and discuss

your business and the marketing you have done thus far. Consultation is important because we come in and analyze what you have

been doing, what has worked, what hasn't, and the plans moving forward.



Consultation differs from Campaign and Strategy development in that consultation looks more into the past and present. 

Strategy Development entails future work and, specifically, the marketing efforts we would like to pursue. 


I believe that the more you know about the past, the better you are prepared for the future.
— Theodore Roosevelt


Examples of what to expect in a typical consultation:


  1.  Review and discuss short term and long term goals 

  2.  The return on investments from past and present marketing efforts

  3.  Analyze and interpret data

  4.  Answer the daunting questions that you need answered about the new world 

  5.  Debunk myths about social media and explain common misconceptions 

  6.  Platforms that would be beneficial to market on 

  7.  Website improvements, critiques, and help

  8.  Offer guidance towards the position of the business currently

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There is a lot to discuss. Set up your free consultation now