Tips and Tricks For Successful Social Media Marketing in 2019

The Guide To Help Make Your 2019 A Successful One


Social media can be a daunting task to complete when first starting. Many businesses owners are quickly overwhelmed by the process, potential cost, and time commitment it requires. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. Social media is the hottest tool in the market right now for marketing regardless of how big or small your business is. Utilize it now so you can reap the benefits of it later.

So, if you are ready, we want to help ease the load off your back and give you some quick pointers and tips to follow.

Here is a complete guide to crush your social media marketing efforts in 2019. Follow these 19 tips to work towards your goals of building brand awareness, reaching new markets, and increasing sales.

1) Start (Obviously)


So many business owners continue to push aside social media and “get back to it later.” The time is now when social media marketing is still relatively cheap. In a few years the cost to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube will increase and you will wish you had started earlier. The costs on Facebook have already grown significantly in 2018, so do not wait any longer!

2) Have a Plan


Although you should start soon, do not jump right into social media marketing without a proper strategy or plan. Marketing has become much simpler than it used to be with Digital Media Advertising on the rise. However, blindly attempting to market your business on social media might backfire which may lead to wasted time, energy, and money. Every great marketing effort is started with a solid framework that has specific strategies and goals.

Here are some points to consider when creating your marketing plan:

  • Set goals and objectives

  • Conduct a social media audit

  • Create a content calendar

  • Understand your competitors

  • Create a social media checklist (We have one, just email us, it’s free)

  • Be aware of industry trends and how it relates to social media

3) Post Content Consistently


Consistency is a crucial part of a successful social media campaign. Consistency does not necessarily mean you need to post content every single day for a year straight. It means you need to find a comfortable number that works for you and post at that frequency. Stick to a schedule and never miss a day. Your followers are a community that YOU take care of. If your community expects content two days a week, then you need to deliver.

4) Quality over Quantity


Speaking of consistency, you should NOT just post content to put a picture or two up. Essentially, consider your social media page a representation of your business on a phone. The quality you put out is the type of quality you will receive. If you do not put the time in to create meaningful, valuable, and creative content, then you simply won’t receive the engagements from your followers.

The algorithms of social media platforms change rapidly, and now it’s not about how often you post, but how frequently your audience members interact with your content. Engagement is key.

5) Create Relationships


Our slogan is “Creating Relationships, Building Brands” for a reason. The two are tightly connected and work together cohesively. The relationships you create through your social media accounts will bridge the gap between your consumers and your brand. It’s difficult to build a reputable brand when you do not show that you genuinely care for the people that follow you and engage with you every single day.

6) Care


Social media has slowly become more spam and less care nowadays. It’s always about what you need and want, and less about the other person(s). The businesses that truly win in the game of social media care for their followers and community members. A simple comment, direct message, or follow can mean the world to a loyal customer. Just like in the real world we live in, the digital world also takes into account the little acts of kindness that people do. In the digital world, the “little” acts of kindness can escalate to a viral sensation. Here’s more on the importance of caring from Social Media Guru, Gary Vaynerchuk.

7) Use Facebook


Facebook has become the most popular and effective platform to advertise depending on your target market. Facebook advertising is very easy to understand and with proper direction, you can create a successful campaign that can be seen by thousands. There are multiple ways to advertise on Facebook depending on your goals but with over 2 billion users, the platform is ideal to reach an audience across the United States and abroad.

8) STOP being fake


Stop buying fake followers. A lot of businesses and brands want quick results when it comes to social media. It’s easy to fall into the trap of wanting to inflate your follower count and engagement count. Nowadays, within a week you can take an account with very little followers and add over 10,000 new followers. These are all fake users that have absolutely no benefit to your page, yet it “looks good.” People are catching on and are now very easy to tell if you are using fake followers in your marketing strategy. The only impact this will have on your business is that it will hurt your reputation and brand equity.

9) Consider Influencer Marketing


Influencers have become widely popular in the digital marketing world. Although the prices to partner with an influencer have increased tremendously, the exposure you gain from an influencer is extremely valuable for brands. Influencer marketing is successful and has proven a positive track record in the past few years. However, understand that you need to partner with the right influencers for this to make sense for you and your business. There are criteria to follow that can help you determine whether an influencer will be right for your business.

Some criteria include:

• Brand message

• Audience demographics and psychographics

• Engagement ratio

• Content Relevance

• Post Frequency

• Professionalism

• Data & Analytics

10) Use Tools To Help


Social media does not have to be an immensely time-consuming process. There are great tools out there that help streamline a lot of the workload and help make this process significantly easier. Below we have listed 6 tools that we believe can help you with your marketing efforts.

Whew…… Are you still with us? Stick around, we are halfway there.

11) Hoot Suite

Hootsuite is the perfect tool for anyone who would like to streamline their management processes for social media. The tool allows for account monitoring, easy content sharing, team management capabilities, and much more. If you want to get serious about social media, but want to save time, Hootsuite is perfect for you. Here are some reasons why it helps so much:

• Scheduled content posting allows for less time spent posting content every single day

• Team management allows for easy collaboration and allocation of tasks.

• Twitter direct message management. Perfect for customer service and seamless delegation of customer questions.

• Fully cross-platform and available on all devices from laptops, tablets, or phones.

• Very reasonable prices

12) Mail Chimp

If you are interested in sending out emails to a large group of people, use Mail Chimp. With its user-friendly platform, sending a blast email or newsletter becomes so much easier. It’s a great solution for business owners just getting started with email marketing and need a tool to get started. This solution helps automate and optimize your efforts to create a successful campaign that will streamline the traditional processes of email marketing.

13) Facebook Groups

Any new business owner just getting started with social media needs to check out Facebook groups. Facebook recently launched an update that made posting content into Facebook groups significantly easier. There is a wide range of Facebook groups that can be utilized for your specific goals. This strategy could be perfect for someone who wants to organically grow his/her network and create relationships with individuals in a certain industry or niche.

14) Instagram DM

Instagram Direct Messaging has become a powerful tool utilized by businesses who wish to directly communicate with people who they normally could not reach. The beauty of Instagram DM is that the likelihood that a potential client, customer, or company uses Instagram is highly likely. The chance to directly reach out to these people to create a relationship is a great business opportunity. Let’s give you an example.

Let’s say that you own a home improvement company that primarily deals with residential units. You live in the Princeton, NJ area and are looking for your next client. You can look up “Princeton, NJ” in the locations section of Instagram and find hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the area posting content. You click a few profiles and see that Jamie (example) is a mother of 2 and lives in her own home. You send her a Direct Message to explain to her what you do and begin to converse with her.

Right there you have created a new relationship with a complete stranger whom you did not know previously. She may or may not need home improvement, however, if you do this effectively and frequently enough, eventually you will stumble across someone who does need help or knows someone who needs it. Oh and the best part? It’s completely free. Read more about this opportunity.

15) Adobe Spark Post

If you are new to content creation and have no experience in graphic design this solution is perfect for you. Adobe Spark allows for easy content creation that looks amazing. The platform is very simple and easy to learn for anyone regardless of previous experience. If you need to create content for your social media accounts and have no idea of where to start then you should definitely consider using this. It also has an app that allows you to create amazing and high-quality content right on your phone.

16) Click funnels

Ever heard of a landing page? A landing page is a web page that is devoted to capturing leads. When you run an advertisement and need to send your leads somewhere, a landing page is the best option for you. When you send people to a landing page, it will usually ask for a name, email address, phone number, or all three. Click Funnels is a software that allows you to easily create a sales funnel that will capture any information that is needed from your customers. Don’t forget! While you are setting up your landing page, be sure to install a Facebook Pixel.

In Conclusion…

Social media is a great business opportunity in 2019 that every single business should utilize and take advantage of. If you are not utilizing this you are missing out on great opportunities that may not come for another decade. These tips can put you on the right track and get you started on a successful 2019, however, if you are still struggling feel free to reach out. If you have any further questions or need assistance on something feel free to fill out our inquiry form and a representative will reach out!

Happy 2019 From Our Family To Yours! Let’s Make it A Successful Year… Together.


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