Certified on Google Adwords!


First to understand why this matters, you should fully grasp what Google Adwords is and what it does for businesses. The biggest benefit of Adwords is having the ability to attract more customers to your website. There are many different ways you can do this, but in order to grow your brand's presence on the web, you need to understand search engine optimization (SEO) and the power it has for businesses. With SEO you are able to target certain markets/audiences that would be willing to buy your product, service, or subscribe to your newsletter. 

Nowadays, let's be real, nobody looks beyond the second page of Google and in order rank first (be on the first page), you need to have certain credentials that Google approves. Every day there are over 3.5 billion searches on google which clearly shows you how powerful of a tool this can become for businesses. With the ability to target certain customers based off of demographics, location, occupation, job, and age you are able to draw in consumers that are willing to buy your product. Unlike traditional marketing like TV and radio, you are able to measure and track all of your marketing efforts easily and see exactly how much you are paying. 


Google Adwords has a lot of gimmicks and tricks which is why many business owners are hesitant to make the leap into SEO. We as a company just received a certification from Google stating that we have passed the first course of Google Adwords. This is not a difficult task to accomplish at all. This is not a blog post-hype this certificate. We just want to share with the Eraslan Media family that we took our first step into becoming experts in this field. Once we are fully equipped with the knowledge, experience, and expertise, we will begin helping others with this marketing effort. We have these credentials with our other services ranging from social media marketing, content creation, marketing strategies, and more. We are trying to be the media company that everyone can turn to when they need help. Eraslan Media is a media agency but is your friendly company here to grow your business in every way possible within our power and knowledge.


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